My career as a reader

I didn’t read much when I was younger maybe a few novels for school but i never caught the reading bug…I would have to say i started to enjoy reading at around the age of 9 when my brother told me that within the next few years of school i would have to read a book called To Kill a Mockingbird. The name itself stuck me as interesting and i decided to look for the book in my mothers book collection. My mother has a lot of books but i did manage to find a copy. When I started it, I thought it was a bit boring, but this was before i could really appreciate literature. I never finished the book because my class at school had started reading other books and it was a bit hard for me to focus on two books and worksheets to do for one of them so i put the book away and soon forgot about it. After that my brother had mentioned to me that the first book he read was Nineteen eighty four by George Orwell but because i didn’t have a good experience with To Kill a Mockingbird i didnt read it right away. After i saw it countless times in the book store i decided why not try it, maybe its better than To Kill a Mockingbird so i bought it and took it home and started reading it. It was a bit difficult so my brother told me to read Animal Farm first. So i went out again to look for Animal Farm found it bought it and started reading…The book was good and i started to take a liking to George Orwell after I finished it and decided to have another go at Nineteen eighty four. Once I finished it there wasnt a whole lot that i understood maybe it was because i was too young or maybe just not bright enough, but that couldnt have been the case I left the book and went on to other things such as school and moving to different locations. I found the book again recently and decided to read it one more time to see if i can understand it and so far i think it is a great book because it could really happen, Once i finish ninteen eighty four i will go back and read Animal farm and maybe pick up a copy of Coming Up for Air

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